Get enough vitamin D to raise testosterone level

New studies on vitamin D show that it promotes raise testosterone level.

Raise your vitamin D level and you will raise your testosterone level. Higher testosterone means better body composition, more muscle mass, and better overall health. A groundbreaking new study shows that raising your vitamin D level will increase free testosterone. And it supports one of the very first studies to identify the relationship between vitamin D and testosterone.

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Increase testosterone levels in men

According to a study conducted by researchers at the Medical University of Graz, Austria, increasing levels of vitamin D in the body may help increase testosterone levels in men and their sexual desire. You can find this study in the journal Clinical Endocrinology.

“Men who ensure that their body is adequately supplied with vitamin D are doing well for their testosterone level and their own libido, among other things.” Said Ad Brand Forum Sunlight Research, based in the Netherlands.

The researchers tested the levels of vitamin D and testosterone in 2,299 men over several months. They found that as levels of vitamin D increased, testosterone levels peaked in the summer and fell during the winter. They also found that men who had at least 30 nanograms of vitamin D in each milliliter of blood had higher levels of circulating testosterone.

A small randomized controlled trial suggested that vitamin D might increase the production of testosterone in men.

First, let’s look at a study that tested a large population of men aged 40 to 79 for vitamin D and testosterone levels. The men who were deficient in vitamin D (below 20 ng/ml) had much lower free testosterone and higher estrogen. Along with poor reproductive health, the men who were deficient in vitamin D also had a higher body mass index, higher rates of cardiovascular disease, and a greater chance of depression.

Vitamin D supports testosterone production

Multivitamin for Men ReviewThe men with adequate vitamin D (above 30 ng/ml) had higher testosterone levels, the leanest body composition, a greater percentage of lean mass, and better overall health. Researchers suggest vitamin D supports testosterone production. Because there are vitamin D receptors on the cells in the various glands that release testosterone. In addition, vitamin D may inhibit a process called aromatization in which testosterone changed into estrogen in men.

In the second study, researchers gave men with low testosterone and vitamin D deficiency 3,332 IUs of vitamin D or a placebo daily for a year. Taking the vitamin D supplement more than doubled vitamin D levels, bringing them into the adequate range (36 ng/ml). The men who took vitamin D increased free testosterone levels by the end of the study by 20 percent. Whereas the placebo group had no change in testosterone or vitamin D.

It is critical men get adequate vitamin D

Such a robust increase in testosterone is impressive from something as simple as getting enough vitamin D. Obviously, it is critical men get adequate vitamin D. But this mineral plays such a central role in maintaining proper hormonal levels. Vitamin D acts as an anti-cancer agent by ensuring healthy cell replication throughout the body. They also have a more favorable body composition. Less body fat and higher vitamin D levels have leaner offspring as well!

The takeaway is that you must ensure adequate vitamin D status for optimal body composition and health. To do so, it is necessary to supplement with D unless you get at least 20 minutes of full-body sun exposure daily. The Vitamin D Council suggests achieving a level of at least 50 ng/ml. It is higher than the level reached by the men in the testosterone study.

Take a multivitamin for men supplements that contain the recommended amounts of Vitamin D to promote and raise your testosterone level.

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