Vitamin C does Maintain the Health of your skin

Speaking of skin health, it is always a good thing to talk about vitamin C. This magical vitamin not only boosts the immune system but also promotes healthy skin. Among other antioxidants, vitamin C is the holy grail for some reason. No wonder many skincare products include vitamin C to improve the health of your skin. Besides taking vitamin C topically, taking vitamin C supplements is much better since it does not only improve skin health but also overall health.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is packed with antioxidants to keep the skin youthful and radiant. In the skin layers, vitamin C is naturally found which is the epidermis and dermis. This is where the nutrients are delivered to the skin surface from the bloodstream. Many factors lower the vitamin C availability on the skin layers such as pollution, aging, sun rays, and many more. That is why it is important to take the required dose of vitamin C every day to keep the skin healthy.

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How does vitamin C boost skin health?

Vitamin C is the kind of water-soluble vitamin with an important role in managing the health of your skin. The major benefits of taking vitamin C are to promote the production of collagen to keep the skin supple and firm, speed wound healing, repair and manage damaged cartilage and skin, eliminate fine wrinkles, improve complexion, reduce dark spots, and many more.


The antioxidant is also best to prevent sun damage. The vitamin helps neutralize the free radicals before it does damage the skin as well as minimizes the effects. According to research, women who take high vitamin C intake in their daily diet have less dryness and fewer fine wrinkles. Vitamin C indeed keeps the skin firm and strong. It activates the cells on the skin called fibroblasts which are beneficial to produce more collagen. That is why daily intake of vitamin C helps maintain a firmer and smoother skin surface.

A daily dose of vitamin C for the Health of your skin

Though vitamin C is good for the body and skin, it is important to take it under the required dose. For men, the recommended dose of daily vitamin C is 90 mg and while for women is only 75 mg. Vitamin C is a type of water-soluble that does not store in the body. The vitamin will dissolve in water and get transported to the body’s cells and tissues through body fluids. When there is too much vitamin C in the body, it will excrete in the urine. As the vitamin does not store in the body, you need to always consume the recommended dose of vitamin C in your daily diet.

Where to get vitamin C for beautiful skin?

When speaking of vitamin C, most people assume it by eating oranges. There are tons of vegetables and fruits other than oranges that have been a good source of vitamin C. Let’s sayMultivitamin for Men Review strawberries, broccoli, green and red peppers, sprouts, potatoes, blackcurrants, spinach, and many more. You can consume these rich vitamin C vegetables and fruits to fulfill the required daily dose.

However, some people are just too busy to eat greens and fruits, but there are also vitamin C supplements. Vitamin C supplements are available in many forms such as capsules, tablets, and powder. There are also vitamin C supplements that are combined with other herbs or vitamins such as vitamin C with zinc, vitamin C with wild rosehip, and many more. When taking vitamin C, the required dose for adults is only 40 mg and you can get the rest dose from fruit and vegetables. While you can stick to getting vitamin C either from food only or supplement only, it is best to get vitamin C from a combination of both.

Reasons to take vitamin C for skin health

Vitamin C stimulated the production of elastin and collagen. These substances are vital in keeping and improving skin texture. Here are some reasons to take vitamin C supplements for the health of your skin.

  • Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles – skin aging is unavoidable but consuming vitamin C helps reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C boosts the production of collagen to improve skin texture and reduce skin aging as well as improve skin elasticity.
  • Speed wound healing – not only does it improve better skin texture, but vitamin C also promotes speed wound healing through quick collagen synthesis.
  • Sun damage prevention – sun exposure may cause some damage to your skin such as rough skin, dryness, tanning, redness, and even sunburn. Vitamin C also protects from sun exposure damage.
  • Skin hydration – vitamin C is also best at retaining water. Thus, the skin will remain hydrated and plump. Consuming enough vitamin C also helps to maintain the skin condition, making it not too dry or oily.

Healthy skin starts with a good diet

The health of your skin starts with a balanced diet. No matter how much you put on skincare, if you do not eat enough amount of vitamins, especially vitamin C, the skin will likely appear any less than good. That is it is important to always eat vegetables and fruits plus take vitamin supplements. When you get enough amount of vitamin C from the internal body, you will feel its benefits to the outer skin.

According to research, consuming vitamin C supplements helps in significant improvements in skin hydration, less roughness, and better elasticity. The level of vitamin C in the skin is abundant when you are still young. But as you age, the vitamin C in the skin is also decreasing, so you need a supplement. Not getting enough vitamin C supplements will give bad effects on the health of your skin. There are lots of types of vitamin C supplements, make sure you choose the one that suits your body. Combine the vitamin C supplements with a good diet plan and there you go, you get glowing and healthy skin.

Vitamin C not only boosts the immune system but also promotes healthy skin.  No wonder many skincare products include vitamin C to improve the health of your skin.


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