Vitamin B12 Keeps Your Nerves Healthy

To begin with, most people often underestimate that maintaining their nerves healthy is important.  In fact, it’s just as equally important as maintaining one’s vital organs healthy.  One reason is that the risk of neurological disorders increases as age develops.  Therefore, it is definitely a must that you keep your nerves healthy for your own good.  Because the nervous system controls the body’s functions mainly feelings, hearing, taste, smell, and sight.

Meanwhile, Vitamin B12 is considered an essential vitamin needed by the body every day.  If you lack Vitamin B12, your body can experience anemia and complications in the nervous system.  These complications mainly cause symptoms such as fatigue, constipation, muscle weakness, and even depression.

It’s important to realize how important Vitamin B12 is to keep your nerves healthy.  Hence, its benefits and foods high in Vitamin B12 are also good to know.  Before continuing, first, you need to know how the nervous system actually works.

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The Nerve System— How it Works?

Again, it’s crucial to keep your nerves healthy on a daily basis.  It’s so important in order for the body to function normally.  Since your body is always working non-stop, the nervous system carries out all your activity.  These also include breathing, moderate heart rate, memory, and easing the muscles.

Hence, the key to how the nervous system works lies in the nerve cells or neurons.  These cells carry signals throughout the body and have their own role.  For example, nerve cells that regulate the five senses carry information straight to the brain.  Or, nerve cells that regulate movement carry response signals from the brain to other parts of the body.  In short, the process will continue until the signal reaches the brain and certain body parts.

The Importance of Keeping Your Nerves Healthy

The function of the body’s nervous system is very important to maintain.  If there is a problem, your daily activities can be disrupted.  Hence, with age, the body function declines mainly the nervous system.  This is why elderly people have slower body reflexes, reduced hearing, and other neurological complications.

In fact, above the age of 30, your body begins to develop atrophy (degeneration of cells).  More and more nerve cells are starting to be damaged.  As a result, your nerves deliver messages to various organs of the body more slowly than before.  This will also lead to decreased taste sensations.

Other than that, your mechanical reflexes decrease more extremely.  It causes restricted movements and reduced responsiveness.  Basically, the decline rate in the function of the nervous system differs for each person.  Some face rapid decline and some encounter it later or decrease slowly.

Not to worry, there are many things you can do to keep your nerves healthy.  You can do this by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, that includes:

  • Doing regular exercise increases the number of blood vessels that carry oxygen to nerve cells.


  • Doing stretches every time you sit for too long when working. Hence, do a 30-minute rest mainly after being too active.


  • Running a healthy diet prevents you from a serious illness. A bad diet can be bad for the nerves, resulting in hypertension, diabetes, and so on.


  • Consuming Vitamin B12 can work optimally in maintaining the health of the nervous system.


  • Quit smoking and keep away from direct exposure to smoke. Since cigarettes contain substances that can damage body cells, mainly nerve cells.


  • Stay hydrated, as dehydration can cause anxiety and memory problems.


  • Do regular health checks, especially if you have diseases related to the body system. These include diabetes and high blood pressure.

The Main Functions of Vitamin B12 for the Nervous System

Like Vitamins B1 and B6, Vitamin B12 functions to help alter carbohydrates from food into energy.  Moreover, Vitamin B12 also has other functions that are no less important.  Vitamin B12 is a raw material for the regeneration of nerve cells.  Therefore, it restores and protects nerve cells from damage.

Meeting the need for vitamin B12 regularly reduces the risk of neuropathy or nerve function disorders.  Vitamin B12 is also important for the maintenance of myelin (nerve sheath).  Inadequate myelin synthesis can lead to neurological damage.

Last but not least, the other main functions of Vitamin B12 are to maintain the body’s normal nervous system.  It helps the production of red blood cells in order to form DNA.  The body’s cell metabolism is also very dependent on Vitamin B12.  Because this vitamin is needed in the formation of energy and fatty acids.

Final Thoughts

As has been noted, it’s extremely important that you keep your nerves healthy.  Because it is one of the processes in the human body important for daily survival.  If described, the nervous system works like an electrical wire in the body.  It transmits signals between different parts of the body.

In the long run, the nervous system can experience certain medical conditions.  It may be serious that can interfere with your performance on a daily basis.  Therefore, Vitamin B12 is needed to keep the nerves healthy.

Make sure your Vitamin B12 needs are met properly for a healthy nervous system.  Vitamin B12 deficiency not only causes neurological disorders.  It also causes you to experience fatigue, numbness, anemia, depression, dementia, and even blurred vision.


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