Niacin May Help Prevent Heart Disease

Niacin, also mentioned as nicotinic acid, is vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 itself is a part of B-complex vitamins whose main functions are to prevent heart disease, improve moods, increase weight, and more.

We can find niacin in Multivitamin for Men and supplements as well as foods. In this article, not only that we will inform you that you can find them in the things you consume every day. We also let you know how are the possibilities for niacin to help in preventing heart disease in men.

In the end, we also inform you of the ideal daily doses for consuming niacin, so you can prove that niacin helps prevent heart disease in men.

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How Can You Find Niacin?

Foods that contain niacin normally have 5-10 milligrams of niacin per portion. One of the examples is the beef heart. For every 50 grams of beef hearts, there are 8.6 milligrams of niacin per portion, which is slightly above 100 grams of mushrooms.

Apart from beef hearts and mushrooms, niacin can also be found in chicken breasts, fish products such as canned tuna or fresh salmon, and a few amounts of carbohydrates.

Brown rice contains more niacin than other forms of carbohydrates, such as jasmine rice and potatoes. 250 ml of marinara pasta sauce has the highest milligrams of niacin among all. It is 10.3 milligrams of niacin per portion.

As one of the B-complex vitamins, it is not uncommon to find niacin in various men’s vitamin and supplement products to prevent heart disease for men. In men’s vitamin and supplement products, niacin or vitamin B3 can either stand by themselves in 1000 mcg or more amounts or be found as one of the vitamin and supplement’s ingredients.

Niacin’s Possibility In Decreasing Heart Symptoms and prevent heart disease

One of the possible benefits of niacin is that this substance can decrease heart symptoms to some extent. If you consume niacin-contained foods, vitamins, or supplements, in reasonable amounts, you can decrease the risks of stroke and heart attacks.

Niacin can do this by balancing and controlling the bloodstream from and to your heart. For every niacin that you consume and goes through your digestive system, this substance will pump all over your bloodstream, resulting in a lesser likelihood to experience cardiovascular diseases.

For many years, niacin has also been used to treat cholesterol problems that can cause coronary artery disease. This is another proof that niacin may help prevent heart disease, including for men.

Niacin’s Role In Healing Wounds to prevent heart disease

On this point, not only that we’ll inform you of the roles niacin plays in healing men’s wounds. We’ll also let you know the correlation with the possibility that niacin may help prevent heart disease in men.

Apart from decreasing the likelihood of suffering from heart disease, niacin is also a great vitamin to make healing processes faster. What’s more, is that niacin helps a lot in removing, curing, or alleviating wounds, especially those that are visible on the skin.

In working on this role, every niacin that you successfully digest helps in growing cells that are beneficial for speeding up the wound healing processes. Then, niacin will produce essential energy for the whole body.

Wounds can happen anywhere, including inside your heart. Your heart both needs energy and is one of the energy centers. So, niacin can prevent heart disease in men.

Niacin’s Role In Preserving And Maintaining Nervous Systems

Niacin is also a great vitamin in preserving and maintaining how your nerves are working. Not stopping making you smarter, but niacin can also give energies that your brain needs to function properly.

The central nervous system (CNS) is a part of the brain where niacin can have the most impact. It correlates to many brain and head-related problems, including headaches. It, along with other parts of the nervous system, is also related to the heart organ to some extent.

When niacin has successfully unblocked the bloodstreams on your nervous system, it can also be possible for your blood to continue to stream all over your heart as well as the nearby organs. Therefore, it is very possible that consuming niacin in a reasonable amount supports the prevention of heart disease in men.

Niacin’s Role In Alleviating Mental Health Problems

Niacin doesn’t only make you smarter, removes the mental blocks in you. It also improves your information-processing skills or gives you the energy that your brain needs. Consuming it also helps in alleviating several mental health problems.

Anxiety and depression are not the only two most common mental health problems. But niacin can also play a great role in alleviating these problems. By undoing the damage to the brain cells and helping to form and reform serotonin in your brain, consuming niacin can reduce the feelings of sadness and hopelessness caused by anxiety and depression.

To some extent, niacin is also effective in dealing with some types of schizophrenia. By fixing the metabolism systems in your body, niacin can help in making both positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia reduce.

People with these mental health problems, which are anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia, often have imbalanced heart rates. Men, especially when they are also doing lots of activities, suffer even more. So, there are also possibilities for niacin to prevent heart disease in men.

What Are The Ideal Niacin Doses For You?

To prevent heart disease and other sickness problems, the average daily niacin consumption for men is between 50 milligrams to 12 grams. Yet, for some men, such an average range can vary depending on the health conditions and other medicines, vitamins, and supplements, that are consumed along with niacin.

For example, some men who suffer from schizophrenia require 3,000-18,000 milligrams of niacin every day. Those include the foods, vitamins, and supplements that contain niacin.

So, given the many roles, niacin has, niacin can prevent heart disease in men. Even though healing wounds and repairing mental systems in the human body are only related to the heart organs to some extent. It is still possible mainly due to the bloodstream that can flow everywhere in your body.


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