Can Biotin Improve Men’s Hair Growth?

Whether you have bald hair or hair loss, you might wonder what supplement could boost your hair growth, especially if you are a man. Without walking a mile, everyone would have suggested BIOTIN.

But guess what? Does it work? Can Biotin improve a man’s hair growth, as suggested? This is the question this article aims to answer. This article will show you the benefits and if indeed Biotin promotes men’s hair growth with adequate research and facts.

What is Biotin

Biotin, known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H, is commonly used to improve hair, nails, and skin. It helps prevent skin rashes and irritation, likewise dull hair, and lack of vitality. It also stops hair loss and makes it grow faster. In addition to all its ultra-beneficial beauty actions, it is also one of the essential vitamins for the human body. It also contributes to the nervous system’s proper functioning and the energy metabolism that involves amino acids, carbohydrates, and fats.

Biotin is present in foods rich in protein such as Lentils, Beef liver, Cooked poultry liver, Brewer’s yeast, Almonds, Lamb kidney, Wholemeal bread, Nuts, and Hard-boiled egg.

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Deficiency of Biotin

Studies have shown that the application of Biotin to hair improves hair growth. This is only true if vitamin H deficiency causes hair loss. It is uncommon to find a vitamin deficiency because most of the foods we consume comprise vitamin H nutrients.

Vitamin B7 or biotin deficiencies are rare. For example, they are found in people with kidney failure, pregnant women, alcohol addicts, kids, and people with biotinidase deficiency (an enzyme that produces vitamins internally).

A biotin deficiency can have visible physical symptoms:

  • Skin: A deficiency in vitamin B7 can generate skin irritations, in particular, dermatitis
  • Nails, which split and be brittle and soft
  • Hair, we can observe hair loss more critically than usual.

Benefits of Biotin on the Body

According to recent studies, the benefits of Biotin are not limited to the well-being of the so-called skin appendages and the hair and nails. This coenzyme also leads to improvements in the functioning of the nervous and metabolic systems.

To benefit from Biotin, it is necessary to have a healthy and balanced diet. Preferring foods that contain this coenzyme is essential.

  • Biotin is also essential for skin care, widely used to combat skin irritations in children and for dry dermatitis, rebalance sebaceous production, and strengthen the nails’ integrity.
  • Biotin, associated with folic acid, provides an excellent energy supply, functional for those who make considerable physical efforts.
  • Improvement of sugar metabolism and the condition of insulin resistance. Most especially for those who have type II diabetes and for those with intermediate metabolism.

Does Biotin treat Male Pattern Baldness?

Male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia is treatable. Male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia is treatable. Although Biotin is vital in treating hair deficiency, Vitamin B7 is part of a complete hair loss treatment.


To boost your hair growth, you might think of filling your cart with biotins. Conclusively, the answer to the question “can biotin improve a man’s hair growth” is yes.


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