Essential Vitamin Impact on Men Health

The body of a human being continuously needs energy for useful work. It can only obtain from a proper diet. The important Nutrients obtains from different vitamins which are present in the food that we eat i.e. fruits, vegetables dry fruits, etc. If we take a proper diet then sufficient vitamins will utilize in our body for different functions. But when we take an improper diet then this essential vitamin can affect us.

In this informative article, we will read about essential vitamin and their impact on men’s health. We have gathered information from different books and researchers all the information in this article is legit and has references. This informative article will facilitate the reader about the effects of different vitamins. It will help them by providing useful information regarding these vitamins.

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Vitamin A Effect

Vitamin A is a common vitamin and is mainly found in our daily food. It is very helpful in healing our eyes and boosting our immunity. Due to this, we are protected from infections, virus attacks, and other diseases. This vitamin is commonly known for improving the work of our immune system. When it has taken in a sufficient amount and when the immunity of our body increases. Then the risk of being affected by cancer decreases in this way this essential vitamin contributes to our health.

Vitamin A can obtain from cheaper foods such as leafy vegetables, mangoes, cheese, apricot, carrots, etc. Some research has shown that when this vitamin has not taken in the proper amount or has taken in an excessive amount. Then this vitamin impacts men’s health in many ways such as nausea, vomiting, joint pain, Hair loss, Headache, and Dry skin.

Vitamin B Effect

Vitamin B is also known as complex which has a direct impact on our health.  It has an immediate effect on our body such as the metabolism of the cell and brain function etc. Vitamin B has a huge impact on cell health and prevents infections. This vitamin is also responsible for proper digestion in humans. If this vitamin has accumulated in a proper amount then it is also responsible for proper nerve function in this way. This essential vitamin also regulates our brain function.

This vitamin also contributes to the production of hormones in our bodies.

Vitamin C Effect

Vitamin c is also known as ascorbic acid. We can get this vitamin from our daily diet. It mainly obtains from citrus fruits, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables. However, this useful vitamin can prepare in the laboratory. This vitamin is useful in decreasing depression, thinking problems, and mental problems. This common vitamin can use to treat hearing loss flu and some complex infections caused by viruses.

While some biologists suggest that it can help in better functioning of the heart. Thus, it uses for the treatment of heart diseases it softens arteries when it becomes hard. Due to this, the possibility of a clot in veins becomes decreases. This vitamin also uses in the treatment of heart attack, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels.

Vitamin D Effect

Vitamin D is known as calciferol. This vitamin is generally found in food. It can also produce when ultraviolet rays of the sun strike our skin. This vitamin is useful in the regulation of calcium and the amount of phosphate in our bodies. When the amount of these two minerals regulate then bones teeth and the muscles of our body remain healthy. Thus it also facilitates the immune system of our body.

This vitamin is more important in the growth of bones and teeth. It provides big resistance to our body against diseases. When this vitamin has not taken in a sufficient amount, then it can lead to soft bones or weak bones in adults (osteoporosis) and rackets in children.

Some studies have also shown that it is very useful in decreasing depression, and anxiety. It is also useful in the treatment of heart diseases. The main source of this vitamin is the sun but it can also obtain from our daily diet.

Vitamin E Effect

It is a fat-soluble vitamin that can obtain from nuts, oil, seeds, vegetables, and some fruits. These vitamins mainly contribute to the health of our blood and brain. This vitamin can also use as an anti-aging agent due to the skin remains healthy. It also benefits our nutritional needs due to which the health of the skin brain and body remains good.

As this is a fat-soluble vitamin so our body accumulates this and when we feel the need for this vitamin then it is properly used by our body. Some research has shown that this vitamin is helpful in the treatment of high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer.


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