Deficiency Diseases Caused by Lack of Vitamins

Vitamins play a huge role in the development of health. It regulates important functions of our organs, these vitamins are vital for our life because our body continuously needs them. These vitamins are in a proper amount. Without enough vitamins, it is impossible to survive. When there is the proper amount of vitamins in our body then our body will work properly and we will have no problem. If the amount of vitamins in our body is decreased by a high amount. Then we will suffer from Deficiency diseases due to a lack of vitamins.

And if we do not regulate the intake of vitamins properly then we will face some big problems and it can even lead to death because these vitamins maintain the functions of the organs I.e heart, kidneys Red blood cells liver, etc.

Here we are going to discuss some deficiency diseases that are caused due to a lack of vitamins. To treat all such deficiency diseases you have to take a diet that contains a sufficient amount of essential vitamins. We will explain these diseases with symptoms and their treatment.

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This is one of the common diseases that is caused by the lack of vitamin C and Vitamin B12. In this deficiency disease, the red blood cells of our body become unhealthy. Due to this, they cannot carry enough oxygen to our bodies as needed.

Due to this, we can feel shortness of breath. It is to be noted that deficiency diseases are caused over a long period. When we do not take the proper amount of vitamins for a long time. Then deficiency disease can occur to us. If we do not eat food that contains Vitamin C or Vitamin B 12 then deficiencies of these vitamins occur in our body.

These vitamins are responsible for the proper functioning of Red blood cells (RBCs). Due to their deficiencies, the red blood cells become unhealthy. As the RBCs carry oxygen from the lungs to different parts of the body when they become unhealthy. They are not able to carry a sufficient amount of oxygen to our body parts.

Anemia can also occur due to not proper absorption of Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 by our body that is due to the infected intestine because the main absorption of vitamins occurs in the intestine.

Symptoms: Fatigue, Shorting of breath, muscle weakness, Yellowish skin, Dizziness.


It is a deficiency disease that is caused due by a lack of vitamin D. Vitamin D is related to the status of the minerals in the bones when the deficiency of this vitamin occurs in our body. Then it has a direct impact on the bones’ strength. Due to this, the bones become too weak, and in some cases, due to weakness, it breaks.

To treat this painful disease sufficient vitamins and calcium must be given to the patient. The main function of vitamin D is the absorption of calcium from the intestine when vitamin d is not present in enough amounts in our body then these intestines are unable to absorb enough calcium from the intestines.

As calcium is responsible for the strength of the bones then due to its deficiency the bones become much weaker. This disease has been observed in old people and some adult people. Increasing the level of vitamin D can be done naturally by standing in the sunlight.

However, spending more time in sunlight can be dangerous to the skin and can cause skin cancer. Moreover, a person with skin cannot stand in sunlight for a time because sunlight can damage their skin cells.

Symptoms: Fragile Bones, Weakness, Loss of height.


This is a deficiency disease that is caused mainly due to lack of vitamin C. As vitamin C is a fat-soluble vitamin our body stores this vitamin in the liver and when our body needs this vitamin then it is again regained from the liver.

The primary objective of this vitamin is the rebuilding, reproduction, and maintenance of bones, skin, and blood. Vitamin C is also responsible for the maintenance of the heart and also safe us from various types of cancers. The symptoms of scurvy appear in the period of 9 to 11 weeks. Vitamin C also absorbs iron and thus safe us from scurvy.

Scurvy can treat by taking a sufficient amount of vitamin C in the diet. It can treat with X-rays. In a severe case, the amount of intake of vitamin c must be increased otherwise big damage can happen. The vitamin C in the body can be increased by taking food that has a high amount of vitamin C.

Symptoms; Purple gums, Swelling eyes, Dry hair, Loose tooth.


Rickets is a disease that is mainly found in children and is caused by a lack of vitamin D. In this disease, the bones of the child become very soft and become much weaker than the goal. Vitamin D is responsible for the absorption of phosphorus and calcium in children. When the deficiency of vitamin D occurs then the intestines of the children are unable to absorb a sufficient amount of calcium and phosphorus.

Due to this, the strength of the child’s bone decreases and thus rickets happens to the child. To treat this disease, the amount of vitamin D must increase in the diet of the child to cure this treatment and the high amount of calcium in the diet can also treat this disease.

When the bones become weak then it leads to skeletal deformities in the child due to which the child can suffer from more problems related to skin i.e Thickened ankles, and knock knees. When this disease continues after taking a sufficient amount of vitamin D then you have to prescribe a doctor for a child.

Symptoms: Weak bones, Fatigue, Delayed growth, Muscle weakness.


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