Vitamin B Benefits for Men of Any Age

Vitamin B is amongst those nutrients that help to keep your body healthy. These are present in meat, dairy, grains, and green vegetables. There are a lot of amazing vitamin B benefits. These include promoting healthy metabolism, reducing the risk of stroke, and producing healthy hormones.

A type of vitamin, known as vitamin B2 helps to keep your skin healthy. Furthermore, it enhances the energy level, and treats acne, and muscle cramps. People with vitamin B deficiency experience anxiety, depression, and mood swings.

Men can get a lot of benefits from the vitamin B complex. Vitamin B increases testosterone levels in men which decreases as they become old. Moreover, they can also help in building a muscular body and increasing muscular strength.

How can I get vitamin B complex?

Some foods contain B vitamins. You can consume all these foods from vegan, vegetarian, or omnivorous diets. However, the main source of vitamin B is animal products. People should make sure that they are consuming enough vitamin B complex.  Some of the basic vitamin B complexes are beef, fish, pork, leafy greens, organ meats, nuts, cheese, milk, grains, yogurt, mushrooms, and bread.

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What magic does Vitamin B do to men?

Vitamin B offers a lot of benefits to men of any age. Below we have described some of the common vitamin B benefits.

1. Helps to lower stroke risk

A stroke is a condition in which either a blood vessel bursts in the brain or a blood clot blocks blood flow to the brain. Random tests on more than 50,000 participants revealed that vitamin B supplements helped in lowering stroke risk by 7 percent. However, you should always consult your health care consultant before using any vitamin B supplements.

2. Boosts the Immune System:

Vitamin B also known as riboflavin helps to boost your immune system. That is why men should consume about 1.3 mg of vitamin B2 a day. It helps to break down the fats, carbohydrates, and proteins in your diet. Moreover, it converts food into energy. You can get vitamin B2 from your natural diet like green vegetables, meat, nuts, and dairy products.

3. Converts food into energy

Nicotinic acid which is commonly known as B3 is the vitamin that we need to consume daily in our food. It is also called Niacin and performs the role of converting food into usable energy. A standard amount of B3 per day for females of age 14 years or above is 14 milligrams; in the case of males who belong to the same age group, the amount exceeds 16 milligrams. Naturally, vitamin B3 can be found in enriched bread, nuts, lean meats, legumes, fish, dairy, etc.

Pellagra is the type of order which occurs due to a deficiency of vitamin B3 in the daily diet. Diarrhea, dementia, irritate mucus membranes, and physical and mental problems are some of the symptoms of Pellagra. Alcoholism is the condition where the body becomes unable to absorb a sufficient amount of niacin. It can also cause Pellagra. Moreover, vitamin B benefits include reducing the risks of high levels of cholesterol. Patients with high levels of cholesterol in their blood can use vitamin B3 as a treatment. Some people take Vitamin B3 to balance the cholesterol level in their blood without any prescription, Unprescribed amounts of Niacin have fatal side effects. That is why it is mandatory to ask a doctor before taking any Vitamin dose.

4. Necessary for healthy hormones

One vitamin B benefit is that it is necessary for healthy hormones. The Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine has suggested 5 milligrams of Pantothenic acid on daily basis to everyone who is age 14 or above. Pantothenic acid is also called vitamin B5 and is naturally found in vegetables. These vegetables include broccoli, avocado, and kale.

Other sources of vitamin B5 are organ meats, dairy, cereals, and dairy. As we know the conversion of carbohydrates and lipids into energy is the type of chemical reaction that is occurring every time in our cells. Some of these reactions need vitamin B5 also. The water solubility characteristic of vitamin B5 makes it be in our everyday diet. Some hormones including growth hormones produce in the presence of this vitamin, so it is very important for growth.

5. Helps to reduce heart disease risk

Another type of vitamin B, known as vitamin B6, is involved in more than 100 enzyme reactions. It helps to metabolize amino acids and creates new red blood cells. There is incomplete research that vitamin B6 helps to reduce the risks of getting heart disease. Vitamin B deficiency can lead to depression, irritability, muscle weakness, nervousness, memory loss, and difficulty concentrating.

6. Lowers depression and anxiety

In 2018, a study was carried out and it stated that when a person shows anxiety or depression, vitamin B-12 is involved in this presentation of uneasiness. During these conditions, the level of B12 falls.

Through metanalysis, vitamin B benefits in helping depression were confirmed. According to some researchers, Depression relapse risk can be reduced if a person starts taking vitamin B daily for some weeks or years.

In India, some research was carried out at a small level that proved that depression happens when vitamins B9 and B12 are deficient in the diet.

Should I take a vitamin B supplement?

Men who follow a vegetarian and vegan diet do not eat any products including fish, beef, and poultry. Therefore, they have a risk of vitamin B deficiency. Thus, they should take vitamin B supplements.

Moreover, those who have undergone gastric bypass surgery also need vitamin B-12 supplements. Those who have alcohol dependence, diabetes, depression, kidney diseases, heart diseases, HIV, AIDS, or cancer can also benefit from vitamin B supplements.

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