Health Benefits of Folate in Men

Vitamin B9, also known as folate, is an essential part of the vitamin B family. In vitamin B9, often interchange the words folate and folic acid. However, there is a compact difference between the two. Folic acid is often taken in the form of dietary supplements. On the other hand, folate is a naturally occurring vitamin that is found considerably in nutritional foods. Both of them have their respective share when we talk about the health benefits of folate in men. 

Among the foods, You can find vitamin B9 in eggs, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. Due to the limited amount available for the diet, folic acid is mainly taken in the form of supplements. Although vitamin B9 is often stressed for its benefits in mothers, only a few people know how great it can affect men’s general health.  

Multivitamin for Men Review6 Health Benefits for Men

1. Cardiovascular Diseases

The body uses folate in the maintenance and repair of blood vessels. Taking the prescribed levels of vitamin B9 can contribute to having open and clear blood vessels. Allowing smooth blood flow makes it a hub for the health benefits of folate in men. 

Furthermore, vitamin B9 also helps lower the levels of homocysteine, an amino acid that directly threatens the state of your heart. A proper diet of vitamin B9 helps you regulate blood pressure and lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

2. Reduces Lethargy

The prime symptom of low folic acid levels in men includes severe tiredness and absence of energy. The skin turns pale. Men suffering from breathlessness and fainting are often low in vitamin B9. 

Vitamin B9 is directly connected to one’s mood. It can change your sense of taste and can turn you more active and vigilant. A bright mood can make you feel more positive about your life, thereby energizing you for the day.

3. Supports Male Fertility

When it comes to talking about the health benefits of folate in men, vitamin B9 holds the shelf of supporting the fertility process in men. Although more research is required on the top, some simple analysis suggests that the vitamin B9 level in men is directly related to the quality of sperm.  

The amount of folic acid is not only helpful in the birth process but also has minor effects on the sexual health of men. Taking folate-rich foods and folic acid supplements can improve this.

4. Cures Depression

According to numerous studies, men suffering from depression are seen to be low on folic acid. They suffer recurring mood disorders and have a poor response to anti-depressant supplements. 

Although the folic acid supplement is not directly linked with treating depression, it has been seen to cure low mood. Furthermore, it also incites a change in taste, which helps men to develop a positive mood.

5. Increased Cognitive Function

Often with age, men start losing their memory.  Although this is a natural process, some people face it earlier than others. In this case, vitamin B9 can help to increase the cognitive function of the mind. 

Not only does the vitamin help avoid mental health disorders, but it is also seen that there are certain mental health benefits of folate in men. Observational studies have indicated that the proper levels of vitamin B9 in men help avoid dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 

6. Folate Deficiency

Folate deficiency is a serious issue that can take place either due to an inadequate diet plan or a dangerous procedure. Alcoholism is the major cause of folate deficiency in men. This deficiency can lead to serious side effects, including anemia, depression, and mental impairment.  

A proper diet routine, rich in vitamin B9, can cure all these symptoms. In some cases, the diet may not be enough and you may have to take additional vitamin B9 supplements along with the diet. 

How to Regulate it?

The symptoms of folate deficiency include dizziness, headaches, breathlessness, loss of appetite, and fatigue. So, as soon as you come in contact with these symptoms, you should start taking supplements of vitamin B9 to reestablish your strength. 

The best sources of vitamin B9 are legumes, beef liver, and green vegetables. The list of natural sources rich in vitamin B9 includes lentils, sprouts, spinach, lettuce, egg yolk, asparagus, banana, white rice, and breakfast cereals. All these foods have an adequate amount of vitamin B9 that will definitely show some nutritional differences, thus indicating the health benefits of folate in men. 

In some cases, folate deficiency may occur from a serious procedure, such as surgery. In such situations, a natural diet will not be enough. You will have to pair the diet with some regular vitamin B9 supplements to ensure that you’re getting the amount required by your body. 

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