Using Vitamin D for Weight Loss in Men

Obesity is the major reason for the increasing tendencies of heart-related diseases. So, whether you’re an aged man or still in your 20s, it is important to regulate your weight concerning your age. A lot of people try to curtail this extra weight by dieting. According to them, eating less is the only way that can lead to weight loss in men. However, this is not the case. Instead of eating scarcely, you should start eating smartly. 

Out of all the nutritional components, some constituents help you build up weight. In the same way, others help you get some relief on the weight machine. Smart dieting means that you intake all those vitamins and minerals, that provide you energy without affecting your weight and avoid those that create discrepancies. Out of all the vitamins, vitamins B and D are thought to be the most effective when it comes to losing weight without compromising their nutritional value.

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How is Vitamin D Linked with Weight Loss?

According to a recent study, men taking vitamin D supplements, as recommended, were seen to lose more weight. Furthermore, they were rendered more resistant to diseases attacking the heart. Vitamin D, along with some calcium supplements had an appetite-killing effect on the subjects. This means that people felt fuller and more content with these supplements. 

Pertaining to another study on the topic, it was found that obese people had lower levels of vitamin D in their bodies as compared to healthy and fit people. And this fact remains true even after trying to adjust the proportions by increasing the intake of vitamin D. You’ll see that overweight men will usually have lower levels of vitamin D than prescribed.
So, if we can keep the level of vitamin D at a prescribed level, we may be able to assist the general patterns of using vitamin D for weight loss in men. 

4 Reasons to Use Vitamin D for Weight Loss in Men

1. improves Lean Muscle Mass

A proper study has suggested that the use of vitamin D combined with adequate aerobic exercises can help you lose more calories than normal. It can also make your muscles look more lean and fit. Vitamin D also helps with supplying all the essential energy required during the workout. Being lean and fit automatically means cutting down the extra weight by toning your body. 

2. Lowers Cholesterol

Vitamin D has its own way of assisting weight loss in men. It enhances the effects of the weight loss program by simultaneously lowering cholesterol levels. The reason is that vitamin D is directly linked with the formation of calcium in the body, which then lowers the cholesterol and strengthens the bones.

3. Regulates Belly Fat

Low levels of vitamin D indicate the body stores all excess energy. This command later haunts your body by accumulating all the extra energy in the form of fat. On the other hand, a proper amount of vitamin D in the bloodstream regulates your belly fat by restricting fat formation.

4. Boosts Metabolism

The major reason for using vitamin D for weight loss in men is that it boosts the metabolism. This minor-looking effect has a great impact on the weight and health of a man. A person with having stronger metabolism will be able to digest his calories quickly. Furthermore, his body will automatically prevent the accumulation of excess belly fat, thus restricting the body weight to an optimum. 


How the Body Attains Vitamin D?

As much simple as this vitamin seems, the more deficient it is. The reason for having it as one of the most essential vitamins is its impact, especially when you’re using vitamin D for weight loss in men. Vitamin D is naturally synthesized by your body when it comes in direct contact with the UV radiations of the Sun. In addition, it is also acclaimed for enriched foods. However, it is difficult to include in the diet, as its sources are scarce.

The biggest source of this vitamin is direct sunlight. However, because of the recent ozone layer depletion and harmful ultraviolet radiation, many people tend to settle for vitamin D supplements instead of taking a sunbath. These supplements are also quite effective and can help you achieve your purpose.

What does its Deficiency mean?

Vitamin D deficiency can cause low testosterone levels, which can further lead to decreased muscles, sleep apnea, libido, and fatigue. 

Coming to the point, we have seen how people suffering from obesity and heart-related issues tend to have low vitamin D levels. This is clearly an association of how important using vitamin D for weight loss in men is. 


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