Can Vitamin D Help Improve Men’s Sexual Health?

Vitamin D is often considered to be an essential part of our nutrition system. The amount of discrepancies, a simple sunbath can cure, is just too high. The most prominent source of Vitamin D comes from the Sun, which means that it’s easy to get your hands on it, whenever you feel like it. However, apart from its regular perks, recent studies have also linked the use of Vitamin D with Men’s Sexual Health.

Spending some time in the Sun can not only improve your mood but can also affect the hormonal functions of your body. Many recent pieces of research have identified this fact. They suggest that Vitamin D is responsible for the increase in free testosterone levels in men, which can improve their sexual life by margins.

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What is Vitamin D Known For?

Apart from its connection with men’s sexual health, Vitamin D has established roots in improving the health and wellness of both, men and women. It is primarily known for its role in the bone compartment. Taking a prescribed level of vitamin D helps provide support to the calcium in your bones.

Some of the functions of vitamin D are:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Boosts immune function
  • Improves cell growth
  • Calcium and Phosphorus absorption
  • Builds strong and healthy bones
  • Helps prevent certain diseases


Vitamin D is a little bit different from other vitamins. This is because it also acts as a hormone. The deficiency of this vitamin can result in the inadequate formation of calcium and phosphorus, which can then result in weak and tangy bones. Some other effects of low vitamin D include rickets in children and osteoporosis in the elderly.

Link with Men’s Sexual Health

Vitamin D has been proven to be a deciding factor for improving sexual health, be it for men or women. It has been known to increase the estrogen level in women and the testosterone level in men. This indicates the impact; vitamin D has on one’s sexual drive. It acts as a hormonal trigger that keeps you charged up, thereby improving men’s sexual health in many ways.

According to new research in the International Journal of Endocrinology, men taking cholecalciferol (vitamin D supplements) showed a substantial increase in their testosterone levels, as compared to those without it. The effects were noted over a span of 9 to 12 months and noticeable results were generated from the statistics. The men that underwent vitamin D therapy saw improved erectile functioning. This way, the vitamin was proven to have a direct link with healthy sexual functioning in men.

How to Reap its Benefits?

A little analysis into the matter suggests that a mere 1 hour of sunbath each week can show considerable results in men. So, if you’re looking to boost your vitamin D levels, just start by sitting for a few minutes in the sun every day. There are numerous chemical reactions taking place inside your body when you sit under the sun. Making your body accustomed to it can help your skin resist damage and ensure proper tanning.

Coming to the main point, vitamin D can increase the level of testosterone in men. This means that sitting in the sun can be directly linked to men’s sexual health. Low testosterone levels can lead to higher chances of erectile dysfunction, decreased muscle mass, and decreased body hair in men. All it takes for men like you is to spend some minutes in the sun every day and then reap the benefits of a healthy sexual life.

Why Supplements?

The importance of vitamin D has been stressed thoroughly. However, the procedure to attain it poses some trouble. The main source of vitamin D is our sun. But how to complete your essential nutrients in winter when the Sun scarcely shows its face? Your body won’t wait till summer.

Even in summer, you may not be able to give the sunbath a proper time. Or you may not be doing it enough. That is why you shouldn’t put all your trust in the natural process. You will have to look out for some top-notch vitamin D supplements to help you guide through the diet. This is when you’ll need a proper supplement diet supporting your vitamin D levels. Men’s sexual health is a delicate subject, and you wouldn’t like to go around taking risks. That is why an effective vitamin D supplement from a trusted brand will be what comes forward as your best choice in the matter.

Though sunshine and supplements remain at the top, there are also other sources of vitamin D. These include egg yolks, fish, beef liver, yogurt, milk, etc. But still, these diet plans will only work if you keep a proper supplement intake routine with them.


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